Minecraft Papercraft Studio Brings Minecraft To Real Life

The new app for the iOS allows you to recreate your favorite characters from Minecraft in the real world.

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Since its release, Minecraft has made its way to a variety of platforms in a host of different forms—there's even a Lego box set for Minecraft, among other things!

The studio behind Minecraft, Mojang, announced today the release of the Minecraft Papercraft Studio app for the iPhone and iPad.

Through the app, you will be able to re-create a piece of Minecraft in real life thanks to the app's pixel-perfect papercraft models. Included in the app is a library containing over 300,000 Minecraft skins, and you can also recreate your own Minecraft skin just by entering your username. How cool is that?

They've released a tutorial video (seen below) to show you just how the whole thing works.

Developed by 57digital, Minecraft Papercraft Studio (now say it three times as fast) is currently selling for $2.99/£1.99/€2.69 on the iOS app store. You can grab it here. Like other apps on the app store, you can buy it once, and it'll be available on all your platforms.

According to Mojang, Minecraft Papercraft Studio is fully compatible with the Minecraft Skin Studio, which you can use to create your own skins with ease—and without the need of a serious program like Photoshop or GIMP. You can export your skins from Minecraft Skin Studio into the new app and print it out into a papercraft template for folding.

The same studio is also responsible for the Minecraft Explorer, which serves as a handy guide for the game.

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