Many Things Are Shot With Guns In This Crysis 3 Video

A man will use a gun in this video game. Crysis 3.

Crysis 3 action

Look at all the things that your character will shoot with his many guns. Your character, a man in a robot suit designed to increase his ability and effectiveness in the art of using guns to shoot things will do so in the video game Crysis 3.

This footage, along with showing that the man is proficient with any non-specific kind of weaponry that requires bullets to fire, also displays that he’s capable of using a bow to dispatch his foes, which uses arrows instead. He can also use a rocket launcher. The rocket launcher is a weapon very much like a gun but it launches rockets. Guns do not do that.

Another man spoke words over all of this.

Guns are not enough in order to ensure that people and other adversaries are shot until their lives have ended. The suit that the man wears can give him powers like “being able to be hit with more bullets than normal” and “be an invisible one for a bit” and “run”. The man will do all of this in the city of New York which has become different from the city of New York that currently exists because this one has been largely destroyed by people that the man with the guns and the suit is interested in shooting. New York is a place which you can go visit right now unless you live there and you can just stay.

For some reason, at the end of the video, the gun specialist floats within the vacuum of space.

The game is out next week.