Dead or Alive 5 Plus Introduces ‘Touch Fight’ Controls

The Dead or Alive series introduces a touch-based controls for the PS Vita.

dead or alive 5 plus

Ever the risqué fighting series, its latest iteration—Dead or Alive 5 Plus—is set to introduce a "Touch Fight" mode on the PS Vita.

The so-called "Touch Fight" mode is a feature completely new to the series for Dead or Alive 5 Plus, and allows players to attack opponents with simple taps or sideswipes of the touchscreen instead of using the regular face buttons to do so. It works as a secondary fighting mode alongside the game's traditional controls. While in this mode, players enter a first-person perspective for the touch-screen controls to make sense.

Additionally, players can hold the PS Vita horizontally for a full widescreen view of the battle stage or play it vertically to "enjoy a close-up view of the opposing character," which pretty much sums up the main reason why some play the Dead or Alive games.

In any case, a wide range of attacks is available in touch-screen mode via touch and swipe. Landing a five-hit combo will trigger a "Critical Burst" which stuns your opponent, leaving them open to unblockable attacks. Interestingly, characters will react based on where they're attacked, so there's a hit-location system built into the upcoming game.

According to Team Ninja, swiping in different directions will unleash different moves. For instance, swiping upwards will launch your opponent into the air, leaving them open for you to perform an air combo. Pinching the touchscreen will result in a hold if your opponent is striking or a throw if your opponent is guarding, standing, or executing a hold. The view switches to a cinematic view as special animations will play out when you execute a throw or Power Blow.

To help players master the new controls, the developers are adding several new training modes, including "Free Training", "Command Training", "Tutorial", and "Combo Challenge."

The game is due for release for the PS Vita on March 19.

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