Nintendo Announces New Eevee Evolution for Pokémon X/Y, Ignores My Suggestions

this is a pokemon you can get if you want

I haven’t heard back from Nintendo yet. I’ve emailed them several times with ideas for new Eevees they could make and here they are, announcing a new one that’s nothing to do with anything I sent them. 

For the uninformed, Eevee is a Pokémon that alters form dependant on very specific actions. The first one made an appearance in Red/Blue and would evolve based on which elemental crystal you gave it, later versions became different depending on certain circumstances.

The versions I pitched might have strayed away from traditional expectation, but Nintendo are known as innovators, after all. I assumed they’d be interested in hearing me out.


Instead they’ve announced Sylveon as Eighth possible Eevee form. They haven’t explained what you’ll do to get Eevee to change into it, those teasing devils, but you can bet it’s not as good as what I had in store.

Everyone’s favourite Pokémon is Koffing. It’s a known fact. 

I wanted an Eevee/Koffing and i was prepared to suggest that you had to feed the adorable thing garbage. Garbage like from a trash can. Disrupting the thing’s kind nature and gentle smile by forcing day old food waste down it’s neck until it feels sick enough to evolve into a floating toxic ball of illness and despair.

We unfortunately didn’t get that far into negotions.

I suppose we’ll have to make do with this one that they’ve announced that’ll be available in the upcoming game when it launches for 3DS this October.

It clearly isn’t as good, though.