GTA 5 Fans Petition Rockstar To Bring Game to PC, Signatures Reach 155K

Gamers petition to see Grand Theft Auto 5 on the PC.

grand theft auto 5

Regardless of whether Rockstar has any in-house plans to release Grand Theft Auto 5 for the PC, they sure as hell aren't making any public statements about it.

Their silence has drawn the ire of PC gaming fans of the series, over 155,000 of whom have expressed their desire to see a PC version of the game in a petition to the studio that was launched just days after GTA 5 was formally announced for release on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 console platforms in November 2012.

As previously stated, the online petition has collected over 155,000 signatures as of this time, and the number continues to rise as the days towards the game's release in September this year grow shorter.

At the present, the petition seeks to earn upwards of 200,000 signatures. Whether or not Rockstar Games will accede to their wishes remains to be seen, but given the success of their previous titles on the PC, it's hard to see why they wouldn't do it.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been confirmed for a September 17, 2013 release date on both the Xbox 360 and PS3. It was originally slated for release in Spring, but had its release date pushed back for further polish. GTA 5 isn't the only high profile game to see a delay, as Sony announced its decision to delay The Last of Us by six weeks yesterday, pushing the game back to June this year.

At this rate, we'd be surprised if BioShock Infinite didn't also join the ranks. Let's pray that doesn't happen.