League of Legends: Team Solo Mid Announces Substitute Lineup

Three new players join TSM to fill in their substitute positions.

League Championship Series Season 2 top players Team Solo Mid have announced their substitute picks for their upcoming lineup and they’re a rather diverse set of players. Dan Dinh, Daryl “wingsofdeathx” Hennegan, and Jason “WildTurtle” Tran are the three lucky guys joining the team for season 3.

Two former Epik Gamer players have made their way over to TSM, the first of which is Dan Dinh. Well known jungler and founding member of EG, Dan Dinh has been playing on the professional level sporadically since 2010. With more tournament experience than anyone in the series and more jungling know-how than legal, he’s been the only one to coax Eve into working reliably in the sticks in early Season 3.

In spite of rumors that he claimed he would never join the team, Daryl Hennegan, the other Epik Gamer refugee, is now a proud part of the substitute lineup. A relative newbie to the professional scene, Hennegan has quickly made a name for himself with his grasp of game knowledge, mechanics and the broad strong mechanics and game knowledge, as well as a broad champion pool. He’s credited with being one of the first people to start building AP Kennen with ADmsteries and a Doran’s Blade for early lane dominance.

Rounding out the substitute bench is a man who’s familiar with taking a place on the sidelines. Jason Tran has been around for quite some time, bouncing from team to team. He managed to leave an impression at IPL Faceoff, where he dominated the opposing Team Legion’s midlaner. Hopefully, he’ll be able to make a bigger splash with his new cohorts.

Now, here’s wishing them luck in the upcoming tournaments – if they get the chance to substitute, that is.

via News of Legends