New Europa Universalis IV Video Developer Diary Released

Project lead promises more flexibility and gamer choices.

Europa Universalis IV Video Developer Diary

A new video developer diary from Paradox Development Studio reveals new information about Europa Universalis IV's new technology system, which promises to be more interesting than in the last installment.

Thomas Johansson, Project Lead on the game, headlines the video available on the company's Youtube page, and promises that the fourth installment will utilize exploring technology in a way that had not been explored before.

"We want every level to feel like you're doing something for a country, and going forward, and really changing something," said Johansson. 

The game promises more historical accuracy and immersion, with choices you make actually having an impact on the battles you participate in, and the countries you conquer. It also gives the player a long list of centuries of technologies to actually choose from. 

There is less of a linear track in this new installment, according to the video. Your choices can lead you on many different paths, and can affect the strategies you use. Overall, the game promises more flexibility in gameplay, and a multiplayer mode where up to 32 players can take control of a single country. 

The game is set to be released in the third quarter of this year.