Ryse Still In Development, Claims Crytek

The first-person brawler Ryse remains in development.

A little known game called Ryse has been in development at Crytek, the studio best known for their Crysis series of games.

Ryse was first announced at E3 2011 and appears to be set in what looks like ancient Rome. The Kinect-based game featured brawling and brutal hand to hand combat, in which a player destroys his opponent by swinging and kicking and making a general ass of himself in the living room.

Development of the game has been on the down-low since then, with few details ever surfacing amidst the news about the studio's other projects, which include Warface and Crysis 3.

Speaking to the game's developers, the Official XBox Magazine learned that the game remains in development as planned.

"We're are on track with all our plans," said Crytek boss Cevat Yerli. "The game is really shaping up well, but that's pretty much all I can say at the moment."

Yerli admitted that he was unable to state whether the game would make an appearance at the upcoming E3, just as it did in 2011.

According to OXM, the game's repeated delay may be due to the studio's decision to implement a multiplayer mode, and that its development may be refocused for the next-gen Xbox with its improved Kinect.