Evil Genius 2 Likely Announced This Year

Rebellion Dev says we could see news in a few months

A series of tweets from Rebellion's Jason Kingsley collected by a GAF user confirm the studio's interest in developing a follow-up to the frankly under-appreciated super-crime sim. The user's continued tenacity in questioning the developer monthly and collating the responses in visual form is eerie, but goddamnit, they've gotten results and who are we to judge what people do with their time.

Evil Genius blended an incredible mix of building management with away-mission strategery. You would build an evil lair gradually, kidnapping important minds from around the world and stealing the necessary materials that would allow you to eventually dominate it. Along the way you'll be visited by inspectors who you'll have to "make disapear" and super-spies that also have to be quickly removed.

Best part? Despite all this going on, on the topside of your caverous underground base you have to run a luxury resort that establishes your island as a get-away tourist destination so as not to blow your cover.

The first game suffers from a lack of polish, there are parts of it that definitely need streamlining, but the core gameplay, the narrative hook and the pre-TF2 Norman Rockwell-by-way-of-60'spop-art design are all exactly where they should be. It's a prime candidate for a return.

Rebellion picked up the licence from previous developer Elixir Studios in 2006, a year after they closed. The team haven't announced they're working on anything for consoles since the release of last year's Sniper Elite V2, though have put out several mobile games in the meantime.

Pick the previous game up for $9.99 on GOG.com if you haven't already played it. You might show off that there's a market ready to see the game return.