David Cage Says Beyond Will Play Differently

You will play this video game using a new control scheme

No Quick Time Events, says David Cage in an interview with Polygon. When the game releases later this year you'll play it in a way that's "more in line with what gamers expect", though sharing the advantages of the previous system.

The change isn't due to a massive outcry, Cage stating that the control in Heavy Rain received very positive feedback despite the initial assumption from critics that the Dragon's Lair-esque gameplay would turn players off. It's more likely that this adaption is an extension of his attempt to treat game design as an iterative and experimental process. The developer is quick to state that Beyond will be "quite different" from the previous game and he admonishes the idea of just making a Heavy Rain 2.

Most of development will be wrapped up soon, with the team hoping to have an internal beta in the near future. It probably won't meet our release expectations, but it won't be long at all until you'll experience the story of the Ellen Page modeled and performed Jodie and her Ghost Friend Aiden.

Cage has yet to inform us whether he'll make strides to ensure Beyond: Two Souls isn't filled with massive glaring plotholes, address major misdirects in the narrative that the player assumes are relevant but never come up again, not include systems that totally undermine a later twist, make character motivations actually relevant to the actions they're performing and ensure that dialogue is spoken with the utmost clarity and appropriate accent for the setting. 

It's safe to assume they'll stick with what they know in that regard.