Bungie Fans Collaborate to Uncover Destiny Hints

Cryptic clues lead up to a Destiny reveal this Sunday

Destiny Bungie

Bungie's seven-day puzzle/ARG has just begun its third day, in which – hopefully – another image containing cryptic text that is probably a reference to upcoming game Destiny will be revealed. Since Bungie has confirmed the team is ready to talk about the game and will do so on Sunday the 17th of February, which is the day the puzzle is due to end, we can be pretty sure the game and these snippets of text are related.

Forum users on Unfiction have been tracking the puzzle, and have posted images from days one and two. I've copied out the text included in the images below.

Day one:

The best voices – voices that truly matter – never allow themselves be heard. This lesson is worth learning again and again.


Your voice moves as whispers, murmurs and urges inside larger winds. Only the trusted few can absorb what is necessary. Wise and sly and perfect, your instructions drop, leaving nothing but the hard sweet rime of enlightenment.

The path is set. Your voice is unleashed. Except now it is gone…

And maybe it never was.

Day two:

Life waits inside this world's bones.

Your voice flows across the red rock and through the dead valleys, speaking in code and goads.

Ancient volcanoes swell, exploding at their peaks and splitting wide along their shoulders. Ash clouds blacken the starved air. A fossil ocean of ice softens and collapses; geysers erupt, tall as mountains, throwing up steam and clouds.

Every moment matters. And from a great distance, in the midst of a thousand careful disasters, you watch the transformation with your own eyes.

The rose has blossomed.

To uncover these images, those interested must try to solve the puzzle at the same time, since the site tracks how many people are accessing it at any given moment. Users on Unfiction suggest the time to log on is 2PM Eastern Time, so give it a try if you're curious. All you have to do is head to AlphaLupi.Bungie.net and click the third row of diamonds so it turns into just one. And if someone knows why that is the solution to the puzzle, which I discovered through trial and error, please let me know!