Rayman Creator Michel Ancel Exhibits Solitary For Those Frustrated By Rayman Legend’s Delay

For everyone pissed, at least the guy who made the game is on your side.

The number of people of those frustrated by Ubisoft's decision to delay the release of Rayman Legends keeps growing and growing. You can now officially add Michel Ancel, the creator of the character and the game's designer, to the list.

To recap, when the publisher announced that the game was no longer going to be a Wii U exclusive and would not be coming out in just two weeks, as to have it be released side by side by the newly announced Xbox 360 and PS3 version, many fans were gob-smacked and felt flat-betrayed.

As a result, disgusted fans began lashing out against Ubisoft across the web, though mostly on Ubisoft's own Facebook page. Not long after, an employee of Ubisoft Montpellier, the studio that produced the game, stated on a message board that his studio is just as angry (actually more so) by their boss's decision.

And adding to the negative PR for Ubi is the picture above. It's of a frustrated fan of the game, identified by Joystiq as Joffrey Babilotte, who decided to protest in front of the Ubisoft Montpellier office. The sign says, in French: "Release Rayman, Support Ubisoft Montpellier".

Rayman, who is seen crying, also states: "SVP" – "please".

The background shows a crowd of faceless people holding banners that have "Wii U", "Rayman", "Michel Ancel" and "28/02/13" written on them. The date was when the game was supposed to come out originally.

And standing next to Babilotte, to the left, is Michel Ancel, who came out to lend his support and also pose for pictures. And in the middle (that's Babilotte, wearing glasses) is an unidentified member of Ancel's team, presumably.

The message is clear: even the maker of the game is not at all happy with the current situation. And it would seem that delay is completely out of his hands, so for everyone out there who is pissed, you all have quite the significant sympathizer.