Rumor: 4G PlayStation Vita on its Way

But do we care?

GamerXChange reported details of a rumour last week that describe an upgraded version of the PlayStation Vita. According to the site's source (who requested anonymity), the new 4G model of the Vita is what the rumours of price drops for the console have actually been about, since it'll cost the same as the 3G model but technically provide more functionality.

However, the writer for GamerXChange points out that the staff at the site are sceptical of the report, who also says the new model will have no other hardware changes. This seems to contradict a patent Sony reportedly filed back in 2011, which suggests a new Vita would have new ports (i.e., more of a change in hardware than the implementation of 4G capability alone).

In case you're inclined to believe everything you read on the internet, here's the full list of details from GamerXChange's anonymous source:

  • A new 4G model of the PlayStation Vita will be replacing the 3G model sometime this year. According to the source, this will be the so-called “price drop” that has been rumored for the Vita as the new model will retain the $299 price point for an upgraded system.

  • The Wi-Fi version will still be available on the market for $249

  • To go along with the 4G model, a significant firmware update will go live bringing in a lot of requested features including new ways to organize apps in folders.

  • The new model may be unveiled along with the rumored PS4 this month at PlayStation’s February 20th event or at E3, but will not hit the market until later in the year.

  • A price cut on memory cards will be made. No details on prices.

Of course, if this is all true we should find out soon enough. I personally don't care whether a 4G Vita is on the horizon or not, and would actually find it pretty lame if that really did constitute a “price drop”. In fact, the best news would be that last item, since Vita memory cards cost a fortune.

Are you ready for a new Vita? Or are you done with Sony's attempts to keep its handheld console going?