Mass Effect 3 Characters Reimagined By Pro Game Artists

Mass Effect 3’s characters re-imagine by pro artists…you need to see this now!

Over on CGHub, there's currently a competition to design a new Mass Effect character and the entrants are artists who work in the entertainment industry. While fan art of videogames and Mass Effect are a dime a dozen, you haven't seen anything like this one.

The contest's rules are simple enough, it's to "create a character that would fit into the Mass Effect universe. He or She could either be from an existing/established race from the game's universe or an undiscovered race."

While we can't show you each and every entry, we've embedded a few noteworthy ones below. Keep in mind that these are made by people NOT working or associated with BioWare. But if I can be honest for a moment, some of the designs below trump even those made officially. 

There are amazing designs, creepy ones and even sexy ones, too. Regardless of what you think, these are one amazing gallery. Some of the images are races that have been made up just for the contest. Also, if you're interested on who made it, check the bottom of each image for the corresponding artist.

I told you they were impressive, didn't I? I think my favorite is the one above which is supposed to be Varro Krios, the grandson of Thane and the first non-human to join the N7 Program. 

You can check the other images here

What do you think? Have you seen any fan made art as impressive as the ones shown above? Granted, they are professionals, but that doesn't make the designs less impressive.

Let's hope BioWare is keeping tabs and snatches some of the guys and girls involved to design characters in their upcoming Mass Effect game.

Thanks, Kotaku