Injustice: Gods Among Us Footage Shows Batman and Bane, Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn

Four popular characters in the DC Comics universe beat each other up in this pair of videos.

injustice gods among us

A host of new gameplay videos of Netherrealm's upcoming superhero fighting game sees superheroes and villains from the DC comics universe in their element—battling amongst themselves.

In two new trailers released today, we see Batman and Bane at each others throats, while Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn take each other on in mortal combat. The fighters were chosen by fans of the game on Facebook, who voted upon who they would like to see fight in the arena.

The trailer reveals the game's brutal combat, interactive backgrounds, and a few of the characters' special moves as the matches play out. Harley Quinn, for example, is armed with an exploding cake that's more than just a birthday surprise.

Many of the animated series' voice actors will be reprising their roles as the characters in Injustice, including Tara Strong as Harley Quinn and Kevin Conroy as Batman.

If the footage is any indication, the gameplay can be expected to be highly stylish and fun to play.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is a collaboration between DC Entertainment, Netherrealm and Warner Bros. Netherrealm is best known for their work on Mortal Kombat and the new game should be almost as violent as its predecessors.