Mass Effect 3: Sassy Tali and Garrus Tell You Off for Valentine’s Day

Feeling lonely? Valentali doesn’t care

Though the trilogy ended almost a year ago (unhappily for some) the Mass Effect fan community is still going strong. And what with self-perceived gaming geeks and nerds not always feeling loved on the lovers' day known as Valentine's, one fan artist has decided to remedy that.

Sort of.

Skoolmunkee of tumblr has released a set of fan Valentine's Day cards that feature some of the characters of Mass Effect. He chose the ever-popular aliens Tali and Garrus as the focus of two sets that have become pretty popular on tumblr.

The Tali set features an uncharacteristic (and yet somehow still cute) Tali as she is depicted saying things like "I could widen my emergency induction port…but then it wouldn't be for you" and the amusingly true "Sure I'll sleep with you…if I think we're all gonna die."

Skoolmunkee also created an uncharacteristic sassy Garrus set which they call valengarruses. They depict the turian saying things like "I'm sure I'd enjoy sleeping with you…eventually" and "I think you look nice. Even though for a turian you'd be fat." Both sets have reached a total of over 4000 notes (likes or reblogs) on tumblr, likely due to the fact these two characters would never say anything of the like yet… somehow the cards still have a ring of truth to them.

You can find the full Valentali's here, and the Valengarruses here.

Oh, and the artist decided he had room for just one more, which is probably my personal favorite, featuring Mordin.

Someone mentioned a Mordin Valentine and I decided I had one more in me.