Valve and J.J. Abrams Are Working On a Game and Movies: Portal, Half-Life Films

J.J. Abrams and Valve are getting together for some serious collaboration.

There's a little known (at least if you're not in the game industry) conference going on right now in the distant sands of Las Vegas, Nevada, called DICE. It's where game developers and other industry creatives get together every year to talk about what they're working on and shape the future of the industry.

Today, Valve's head honcho Gabe Newell and Star Trek (and now Star Wars) film director J.J. Abrams held a joint keynote presentation in which they told the audience of their upcoming plans.

When word got out that the two luminaries were getting together for a presentation last week, speculation was rife that the two would make a joint-announcement. Anyone who was looking forward to seeing what they were doing should have little disappointment to express, as the two are officially working on some very big things which include a game, and a movie.

According to RPS's Nathan Grayson who was at the event, Newell said at the conclusion of his presentation:

"What we're actually doing here is recapitulating a series of conversations that have been going on [between Abrams and I]. This is what happens when game and movie people get together. And we sort of reached the point where we decided that we needed to do more than talk," he said. "So what we're gonna try and figure out if can make a Portal movie or a Half-Life movie together."

J.J. Abrams echoed his statement with the following bombshell: "And we have a game idea we'd like to work with Valve on."