Dead Space: A Journey Through Terror Video Series Revealed by EA, Here’s Part One

EA is showcasing Dead Space: A Journey Through Terror as its new miniseries.

While Dead Space 3 has already made its way onto store shelves, that hasn't stopped EA from revealing its four-part video series for the franchise called Dead Space: A Journey Through Terror.

In the first episode, which is titled "Isaac' s Journey," it highlights just that: Isaac Clarke's journey from being an everyman, to now ridding the universe of the Marker and its Necromorph plague. If, for some reason you've yet to play Dead Space 1 and 2, then this will no doubt spoil most of the major plot points for you. So if that's the case, don't proceed any further. For the rest of you lot, just click "play" to get a refresher befor diving into Dead Space 3.

The next episode of the video series will be out tomorrow and will talk about the "Art of Dead Space."

It's been a rather Dead Space 3-filled day, so if you want to catch up, watch Dead Space 3's DLC micro-transaction weapons in action, know what the differences between the PC version and console versions are.

Not interested in that? Well, we also have a post on Dead Space 3's exploits, bugs, glitches and more, which you can view here; or watch a video walkthough of the game if that's more your thing.

Have you bought Dead Space 3? What are your thoughts on it so far?