Dead Island Moves Over Five Million Units Since Launch

Deep Silver’s Dead Island is a bigger success than you might think! Read on for details…

Dead Island, 2011's first-person zombie aciton game, has now sold more than five million since its release back in September of 2011.

Note that this is sold and not shipped. So this means people are still lapping the game up even after a year from release. Parent company Koch Media CEO Klemens Kundratitz had this to say:

The continued success of Dead Island has proven that we're on the right track with our overall IP strategy for Deep Silver…This once again proves that venturing into new waters in terms of games publishing does matter for success and that even at the end of a console cycle new IPs can be created and nurtured into lasting franchises.

While this is no doubt a "win" for Deep Silver, Techland and Koch Media, the same can't be said for their most recent Collector's Edition of the game's sequel — Dead Island: Riptide. Just last month, both the publisher and the developer got into hot water as it tried to market a decapitated girl in a biikini as the game's pre-order statue. Obviously, it did not go over well with most people, and the backlash has been too much that Deep Silver had to issue an apology to the gaming community and have yet to confirm if they will indeed change the offensive pre-order item.

For more Dead Island news, read up on Dead Island: Riptide's dynamic weather system and revamped gun play here.

Dead Island: Riptide is set for an April 23 release on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: GamesIndustry