DayZ Developer Diary Shows Clothing, Loot, New Locations

Witness production assistant Matt Lightfoot removing his pants

Dean “Rocket” Hall has released the first developer video blog for the upcoming standalone version of DayZ. In the video, he and the production assistant Matt Lightfoot talk about some of the changes the team has made on features from the ARMA 2 mod to prepare it for release as a game in its own right.

The first thing we're shown – in the slimmed-down, early-build version of the game we're allowed to see – is clothing. Rocket says he has a long list of clothing items he wants to implement, including watches, gas masks, Aviator glasses, body armour, and stab vests. We're shown a simple red hoodie that looks pretty realistic, and a tactical vest that has pockets for extra storage. We also get to see Lightfoot make his character twirl so we can admire the outfit from all angles, which is a nice touch.

Aside from clothing, the biggest feature shown in this video is loot. Far from the loot piles in the mod version, the standalone DayZ will include single items of loot that can spawn in or behind or on top of or underneath things. This is cool because even if you enter a building someone else has already scavenged, there's the possibility you'll find something they missed under the bed or in the fridge or something. The houses look more interesting, too, with environmental art that tells a bit of a story, like the bloody piano we're shown in the video.

If you want to check it out for yourself, and have an aerial view of the new island put in the game because of a request from 4chan, then set aside fifteen minutes to watch the video.