LEGO City: Undercover Trailer Sees Chase McCain Play on a Bouncy Castle

28th March feels pretty far away

In what for me is a case of “this is great but I just want to play this game already”, we've got another trailer for Lego City Undercover, the upcoming GTA-esque sandbox-style Lego game for the Wii U. Naturally the trailer is full of that characteristic Lego humour – “I'm not a legend. I'm an ordinary cop,” Chase McCain says before the trailer cuts to a scene of him jumping on a bouncy castle – but we also get to see some gameplay in action.

The GTA vibe for this is strong, what with the modern city setting and the high levels of crime (though apparently all crime is committed by guys in black-and-white striped tops, so at least they'll be easy to spot). And what'll make it feel most like GTA is the selection of drivable vehicles. As well as Rex Fury – the lead villain – on a lawnmower, we also get to see McCain driving a police car, skateboard, bike, and helicopter.

Of course, he'll occasionally have to chase a villain on foot. Particularly interesting in that part of the trailer is the little speech bubbles that appear above the head of the character who's currently speaking, a pretty useful way to keep the story going while the characters are in motion.

This game looks like it'll be packed with things to do, backed up with a funny and engaging story. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until the 28th of March to find out.