Steam Database Cracked, Future Game Releases Revealed

Though MS says Halo 3 is not coming, while the creator of Dyad is more than happy to speak.

We all have hobbies. Take "Stumpokapow", a denizen of NeoGAF, for example; he spent this past weekend (and perhaps more) cracking the Steam database. Why? To see what new releases are forthcoming. And the results were more than a little interesting.

All the findings can be found here, but highlights include Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3, Fez, and Dyad. Regarding the original Halo trilogy, both Halo 1 & 2 do have pre-existing PC ports. But Halo 3?

Though according Eurogamer, Microsoft simply had this to say:

"We currently do not have plans to release any 'Halo' titles on Steam."

So what's the deal? Why are they listed? Well, either Microsoft is flat out lying, or they're indeed speaking the truth. And instead, Steam Community support is being added to the previously released titles. Though that still doesn't explain the presence of Halo 3.

Unless Steam accounts will be somehow linked to Xbox Live, somewhat in the same fashion that Steam is able to connect to the PlayStation Network, though only for Portal 2 for the time being.

As for Fez, we all knew that it was eventually going to be headed towards the PC. But it's creator, Phil Fish, has also just issued an equally short and sweet response:

"No comment for now!"

Meanwhile, Dyad creator Shawn McGrath, figured now was the time to finally announce the port, since the cat was officially out of the bag: