Battlefield 3: DICE Talks About the End Game Expansion’s Overall Scope

DICE details its design philosophy for BF3’s End Game expansion.

Yesterday, DICE revealed the first-ever gameplay footage of Battlefield 3's End Game expansion's Capture the Flag gameplay. If you're a Battlefield 3 fan in some way or another, chances are the video got your motor running with its high-speed action.

In the latest update over on the Battlefield Blog, DICE reveals the overall scope of Battlefield 3's last expansion pack. 

One thing they talked about was dirt bikes, a new addition to the Battlefield vehicle family that sacrifices firepower and security for speed, which is a necessity in CTF.

When building End Game, high-speed warfare was our mantra. Nothing illustrates this better than the new fast and agile dirt bike, that lets you take a friend to the frontlines at high speed while doing wheelies and quick stops. It’s a true two-wheel vehicle with its own physics engine that is a perfect fit for our returning game mode Capture the Flag.
We have hidden a lot of cool jumps for you on all maps that you can attempt if you need a quick getaway in a daredevil fashion. The dirt bike is clearly the star among the new vehicles in End Game, and we will return shortly with an in-depth blog post focused solely on this agile and versatile addition to the ever-growing Battlefield vehicle line-up.
Dirt bikes aren't the only new vehicles making its way, End Game will also include two new AA (anti-aircraft) vehicles and there's even a new dropship that will let you call in reinforcements parachute behind enemy lines. The AA vehicles is the first time in BF3 that troop transport vehicle has been outfitted with a mounted AA turret in addition to a rocket launcher. For the dropship, its awarded to whatever team holds the central flag in Conquest mode and will let players drop in additional IFV (infantry fighting vehicles) by parachutes. 
According to DICE, "By making each map distinctly unique, End Game serves as a beautiful reminder of the broad range of vistas we can deliver with the Frostbite 2 engine, and how the environment influences gameplay in subtle ways. From the beautiful fall-themed Operation Riverside, with its many rivers and electrical sub-stations, to snowy Sabalan Pipeline, End Game brings all of your favorite settings into one tight package."
End Game is slated to be out in March for Battlefield 3 Premium members with PS3 owners getting it two weeks early.