Dead Space 3: Markers are the Game’s “Villain”

In its latest site update, Visceral sheds more light on Dead Space 3’s Markers…

While the Dead Space franchise has thrown a lot of enemies at protagonist Isaac Clarke to dismember, there's one villain that Clarke still hasn't eradicated and they are the Markers.

Yep, those big monolithic artifacts are the game's "villains" believe it or not, and on the game's official site, story producer Chuck Beaver goes into detail about 'em.

According to Beaver, Markers are the Dead Space franchise's "villain," and are responsible for "every outbreak, every major cataclysm of the past and present, and are ultimately the absurdist test of faith for Unitologists." 

There are two kinds of Markers, there are the Black Markers and Red Markers. The original Black Marker is an alien device of unkown origin, which was discovered under the Gulf of Mexico on Earth in the year 2214. This artifact is possibly hundreds of million of years old and "It re-broadcasts a highly concentrated electromagnetic signal that converts dead tissue into Necromorph tissue, eventually leading to Necromorphs, which the signal can also animate to life."

The Red Markers are man-made counterparts derived from the Earth's Black Marker. Based on the Dead Space storyline, Earth's government has been trying to safely steal some of the Marker's powers for years. "Starting with an experiment that was eventually moved to Aegis VII. This experiment was buried when things started to run amok, but the accidental uncovering of the Aegis VII Marker site by the Ishimura 200 years later allowed Marker proliferation to resume."

In Dead Space 3, Marker proliferation has remain unchecked. With Isaac's unique ability to understand the Marker language, only Isaac is equipped to destroy the Marker once and for all. 

Could Isaac finally destroy the Markers in Dead Space 3 once and for all? I honestly doubt it since if they do, where will Dead Space 4 go? 

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Dead Space 3 is set for a February 5 release on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.