Xbox 360 Hits Over 75 Million Units Sold, Xbox LIVE Members Over 40 Million

Microsoft has more chest-puffing stats for its current-gen console…

With news of Sony's PlayStation 4 reveal seemingly set on February 20, Microsoft has just announced how successful its current-gen console has been for the company,

To date, Microsoft has now sold 75.9 million Xbox 360 units worldwide, this is significant bump from their 70 million units sold number in October of last year. So that means in just a span of a few months, consumers has snatched up an impressive five million Xbox 360 units off of store shelves.

Keep in mind that this is sold and not shipped, which makes it even more impressive. 

If you think that's impressive, Microsoft's not done yet. In the same report, they've also announced that Xbox LIVE memberships are now at 40 million members strong, the same figure Microsoft revealed a few months ago, which is odd considering how many units have been sold.

For comparison's sake, Sony's PlayStation 3 has shipped 70 million units as of November of 2012. Although industry reports state that Sony might have now shipped 77 million units worldwide to date, and possibly has overtaken the Xbox 360 globally.

Expect more of these numbe-thumping as we get nearer to both the Xbox 720 and PS4's reveals. 

Who do you think is winning now in the Xbox 360 vs. PS3 war? Should Microsoft be worried that Sony has managed to catch up to them even with a year's headstart?

Thanks, GameSpot