Black Ops 2: Die Rise Zombie Map Barrier Glitch Uncovered

There’s a glitch in Revolution’s Die Rise zombie map! Watch it now.

Treyarch just recently released Call of Duty: Black Ops 2's Revolution DLC on the Xbox 360 and someone has already found an exploit in the expansion's zombie map.

For those not familiar with the expansion. Revolution includes four multiplayer maps a new zombie map called Die Rise. In the video below, YouTube user daModder100HD shows us a "barrier" glitch where the zombies won't be able to get to you but you'll be able to shoot them at your leisure, which will net you a ton of points. 

If the video didn't make it obvious enough, all you have to do is jump on the invisible ledge on the shanty's roof from the platform and you're there. No brain-eating zombies will be able to get you now. The only thing stopping you from mowing down countless of hte undead are your bullets. Of course, if you have an explosive or two, that should help you even more.

For those interested to try it out, best you do so now before Treyarch sees it and patches this little glitch up. 

Black Ops 2's Revolution is the first-ever Call of Duty map pack that includes weapon DLC, which is the Peacekeeper SMG. If you don't own an Xbox 360, chances are the expansion will be available to your platform a month after its release on Microsoft's console as per the norm when it comes to Call of Duty content.

Anyone found more glitches in Black Ops 2's Revolution? Share it in the comments so other readers will know, too.