PS4: Sony Sends Invites to “See the Future” of PlayStation in February

This is it! Seems like Sony is gearing up for a PS4 announcement in February! Read on for the details…

After endless rounds of speculations and leaks, it seems Sony will finally unveil the PlayStation 4 in some capacity this coming February. 

While the PS4's name hasn't been specifically dropped, the Official U.S. PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Facebook, and PlayStation Twitter all sent out notifications to "See the Future" of PlayStation with the following phrase (mixed in with hashtags),
Join the conversation #PlayStation2013 #PlayStationMeeting."

Aside from the fact that Sony went all out with having its three social networking services announce it at the same time (heck, the invite is even the face of their Twitter and Facebook page now), there's also an online hub for it where it mentions "February 20" at 6 p.m. EST date, which I assume will be the time Sony CEO Kaz Hirai or U.S. PlayStation boss Jack Tretton will go on stage to show off Sony's next-gen console. 

For now though, you'll have to be content with the accompanying video which doesn't offer much, but really looks like something big is incoming soon.

The online "PlayStation Meeting 2013" hub also lets people sign up so they'll "be the first to know." Again, seems like another hint that the PS4's reveal is coming in fast.

While I honestly think this is showtime for Orbis, I wouldn't expect Sony to reveal the launch date or actual specs just yet. I'd imagine they'll show off a tech demo or two, the actual prototype console, and reveal its official name. For specific things like official release date, price and tech specs, I assume they'll leave that stuff up to be revealed at E3 or at another event.

So, mark February 20 at 6 p.m. in your calendars, as we'll (most likely) finally see what Sony has in store for the PlayStation brand for the near future.

What do you think they'll show off at this "PlayStation Meeting 2013?" Would you be surprised if they showed actual PS4 games at the event?

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