Sleeping Dogs Teases Year Of The Snake DLC

Wei Shen is set to kick ass in another DLC for Sleeping Dogs.

Square Enix has teased a new DLC for last year's Sleeping Dogs titled "Year of the Snake". As the name would imply, the DLC is set during the Chinese New Year celebration.

Without a release date, it's unknown whether the DLC will be released before, on, or after Chinese New Year this year, which will take place on February 10. The date changes every year because the Chinese New Year follows the lunar calendar, as opposed to the Gregorian calendar.

The teaser Square Enix released appears to depict the celebrations with lion dances and a group of masked cultists crashing the street party.

Little is known about the DLC or its contents, but thanks to a trophy leak from Exophase, we know that the game is set to pit Wei Shen against a cult whose symbol appears to be an eye on a pyramid. Bombs appear to be involved, as are the cops.