Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Battle System Explained, Screenshots Showcase New Outfits

New details of Lightning Returns have surfaced with the release of new screenshot images.

lightning returns: final fantasy XIII

Lightning returns in, well, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. She's alone this time around, without friends or allies to serve as meat shields or tanks. As such, Lightning will be able to block attacks with a new guard move that wasn't available to her in previous games. The ability allows Lightning to defend herself from attacks and reduce the damage she takes from enemies.

In addition to the guard move, Lightning can also evade attacks entirely with a new evade command that allows her to dodge attacks outright. You'll have to properly time your dodge to make Lightning move out of the way, which also sets her up to perform a counterattack move to cause added damage to her opponents.

Unlike the first two Final Fantasy XIII games, Lightning Returns's combat is a much more involved experience. Instead of having just one attack and a special move at your disposal, you'll be able to use four different attacks, each of which is assigned to the four face buttons (X,Y,A,B). Lightning can also swap her outfit during battle to change up her abilities.

Details of Lightning's new abilities come with the release of some brand new screenshots depicting Lightning in a variety of different outfits as she does battle against some weird looking monsters.