BioWare Releases Two Mass Effect 3 Teaser Images

Could this be the next single player DLC?

As the year wrapped up with awards shows and breaks for the holidays, it's been pretty quiet on the Mass Effect 3 front from BioWare. Back on January 18th, several senior members of the Mass Effect team tweeted that they had just come back from the "final ME3 team meeting"  but nothing else was mentioned as to what that meeting entailed besides reliving some launch trailer memories.

Now Executive Producer Casey Hudson and Producer Michael Gamble have each tweeted one picture, not revealing anything about either besides a few banal comments.

We do know that what is likely the final Mass Effect DLC is coming at some point. Rumors pointed to it having something to do with the Citadel, but besides that solid details have been nonexistent. But if we take a look at the images themselves, we may be able to find some clues at least. Looking at Hudson’s picture, it looks like what is being shown is either a new part of the Citadel or a world inspired by the Asari’s bustling cities such as Illium.

The other image shows an unknown krogan in mysterious armor against a backdrop of what looks a lot like Illium, or again, some other world inspired by Asari architecture.

On the subject of both pictures, Gamble added “Enjoy your teasers. Two for the price of one ;)” but as far as any other information on what the pictures actually depict goes, it's clear that we will have to simply wait, see and speculate as usual.