Awesome Hack Unlocks Hundreds More SNES Classic Games

Play Lion King, Mortal Kombat, Frogger, the Ninja Gaiden Trilogy and much more.

So you’ve unlocked Star Fox 2 and two-player in Earthbound and Yoshi’s Islandand feel restless there aren’t any more SNES Clsssic secrets. Well fear not, because one coder has gone beyond the call of duty to unlock hundreds of extra potential games with the help of the hakchi2 tool.

Essentially, it automatically converts ROM files into the required SNES Classic format. Cluster (Alexey Avdyukhin) says approximately 75% of the games should be working and has provided a mod to help run more problematic titles.

NeoGAF user Robin64 has uploaded a step-by-step guide on how to hack the SNES Classic, but do keep in mind there’s a grey ethical area with accessing ROMs without owning their original cartridge counterparts. There’s also an extremely small chance your unit will get bricked.

Considering the SNES Classic launched with a sum of 21 games, expanding its retro repertoire to more than 600 titles with a freely available tool will very likely be a big hit amongst nostalgia gamers.

The SNES Classic Edition is out now for $79.99 USD.