Get a Load of This: STRAFE Millennium Edition is Packed With Extras

New mutators, gameplay tweaks, and additional challenge modes.

Blood-soaked FPS STRAFE hooked us with its beautifully procedurally generated levels and DOOM flavoured action. Today, developer Pixel Titans is releasing the STRAFE Millennium Edition, which packs in a ton of new features. If you were on the fence about getting STRAFE, now’s the time to do it.

Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker puts it a bit more emphatically:

“If you loved STRAFE® then you’re going to want to make sweet, slow love to STRAFE® Millennium Edition…If you didn’t like STRAFE® then you are a hopeless moron with poor taste in video games.”

Included in the Millennium Edition are 20 unlockable game modifiers, three new enemies, daily and week-long challenges, hardcore mode, a plethora of balances and fixes and much more.

STRAFE was a kickstarter success story, raising a colossal $207,847 USD in its 2015 campaign.

STRAFE is available now through Steam and PS4. You can pick it up for half price (PC, Mac) for the next few hours.