No Paid Microtransactions for WWE2K18

Lootboxes to be bought with Virtual Currency.

seth rollins, announced, 2k18

2K Games’ upcoming wrestling title, WWE 2K18 has been confirmed to have absolutely no microtransactions.

Following the controversy of NBA2K18 which decided that it microtransactions would literally be built in the game’s DNA.

Announcing the new via Twitter, The official WWE 2K18 accounted noted that the game has no paid microtransactions. Loot cases are instead earned by playing the Road to Glory mode and online multiplayer. They can also be purchased with Virtual Currency earned in-game. That being said, post-launch, we could see 2K implement options to purchase virtual currency (like NBA 2K18).

In other WWE 2K18 news, 2K has detailed the changes coming to this year’s title.

‘During the recent Monday Night RAW episode, the studio decided to showcase the most interesting changes made to the wrestling game’s Universe mode. The most noticeable changes made to WWE 2K18’s Universe mode are splitting rivalries between wrestlers into two categories; potential and active rivalries, a revamp of the ranking system featured in the mode and the addition of the recent WWE brand split. Here is a brief description of what has changed:’

WWE 2K18 launches on October 13th for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.