Cuphead – Before You Buy

Old fashioned cartoons, swinging jazz, and brutal difficulty. What more could you ask for?

It’s not everyday you get to relive the era of hand drawn animation in a video game. But Cuphead defies all trends and expectations, putting you in charge of an anthropomorphic cup who looks like he’s been plucked out of a Fleischer cartoon. Cuphead is the story of what happens when two young pieces of crockery (Cuphead and Mughead) wind up in the Devil’s Casino, and make a dangerous bet that costs them their souls.

Thankfully, they’ve got you to guide them through fiendish, 2D platforming hell and a variety of OP boss battles before it’s all too late. Cuphead has reported very positive sales since its September 29 release, and is fast approaching a 200,000 strong player base.

We checked out Cuphead and thought it was a phenomenal, relentlessly challenging game despite the few bugs.

Are you ready to face your demons? Cuphead is out through Steam and the Microsoft Store (Xbox One) for $19.99 USD.