Battlefield 3 Premium Competition for January Wants You to Be a Team Player

DICE has announced the January Premium competition for Battlefield 3! Read on for details…

DICE has announced the January competition for Battlefield 3 Premium members and it's not for the lone wolf. For this event, DICE wants to find out who's the best team player in Battlefield 3. So you snipers might want to sit this one out.

To join, you need to be a Battlefield 3 Premium member (duh!) and download Aftermath if you haven't done so since the servers will have the Aftermath Conquest as its playlists.

Here's a step-by-step guide:

Join our servers

Find one of the Premium exclusive competition servers. These will all be named “January Premium Competition” and have a number attached to it. You can search for this name using the manual server browser’s filter functionality.

Enter the server password

Enter the password for the Premium exclusive competition server. You will find the password when confirming below that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions for this competition.

Be a buddy

During 72 hours, we will monitor who can accumulate the most team play score. Be one of the top 5 on your format to win a limited edition, signed and numbered lithograph featuring artwork from Battlefield 3. The score awarded for these in the competition are the same as in any normal game of Battlefield 3. The only eligible team score actions for the sake of this competition are:

  • Revives

  • Savior kills

  • Heals

  • Ammo resupplies

  • Spot assists

  • Squad attack orders

  • Squad defend orders

  • Repairs


The competition will run for 72 hours, starting this Friday up to Sunday; but since it's worldwide event, some areas of the world will be able to participate as early as Thursday. I suggest checking here to see if the competition has started in your timezone.

For those wondering, the event will be based on the Aftermath expansion on the Conquest game mode. So no, you won't be able to keep on playing Operation Metro to continually revive your buddies.

Anyone planning on squadding-up for this or will you be too busy playing Black Ops 2's double XP weekend event to care?