SNES Classic Edition is Selling Like Hotcakes

It’s becoming a super punch-out just to pick one up.

With Nintendo’s SNES Classic Edition finally out, ardent fans lined the streets eager for a taste of nineties nostalgia. For a large number of us, our childhoods were defined by an unassuming grey box that came with a bounty of digital treasures.

Today, the revamped SNES Classic lets us relive that dream. But it seems that even with heavy launch shipments, its sales patterns are mirroring that of the NES Classic, which encountered shortages after excessive demand. The SNES Classic has already sold out at many Target stores, ThinkGeek, GameStop and Amazon, where it’s being sold for more than the recommended retail price. If you haven’t picked one up yet, your best bet for fair pricing is through Best Buy.

SNES Classic comes bundled with over 20 titles including Super Mario WorldThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Super Metroid. There’s also a special way to unlock Star Fox 2, which won’t appear on the games list when you initially boot up the system. 

The SNES Classic Edition is out now for $79.99 USD. We’ll keep you updated on whether Nintendo releases new shipments to meet the holiday rush for presents.