Digital CCG Doomtrooper Secures Kickstarter Funding

A lightning-fast run on kickstarter guarantees the digital adaptation of sci-fi CCG Doomtrooper.

Secret Cow Level’s digital adaptation of Doomtrooper has stormed through kickstarter, reaching its targeted $15K funding goal within just three days. This means deckbuilding and online play are fully accounted for.

Doomtrooper is based on concepts stemming from the Mutant Chronicles franchise. The legacy of Mutant Chronicles can be traced back to 1993, the year its post-apocalyptic universe first began capturing the minds of paper and pen RPG enthusiasts. Doomtrooper emerged as a spin-off collectible card game in which players were tasked with using warrior cards against opponents, acquiring Destiny or Promotion Points, and winning battles. The digital version is set to reinvigorate the tabletop classic.

Developer Justin Reynard explains it was always his “dream to work on the franchise”, and is now collaborating with Bryan Winter (the original designer of Doomtrooper) to ensure it’s true to his initial vision. Doomtrooper runs on a customisable card game engine, server, and infrastructure, but to enhance the graphics engine and fully implement all 400 of the game’s cards, Secret Cow level are relying on a robust CCG community.

Doomtrooper’s will launch for PC and Mac, and eventually Linux if stretch goals are met. Interested players can sign up for the beta here.