Halo 4 Weapons Crafted By Hand Look Supremely Awesome

No Master Chief should be without his guns.

Thomas Schmidt, who goes by "meandmunch" on DeviantArt has put together—as in, he actually tooled them and crafted them by hand—a whole bunch of Halo 4-inspired guns that look perfect for cosplay, or for just putting on display. 

To that end, some of them even light up with LEDs that serve as ammo packs and the like. They're fun to look at. 

You won't be fragging any Covenant with these weapons, but they're a must-have for anyone who considers themselves fans of the Halo series.

Like most of his creations on DeviantArt, some of the following weapons are available for purchase. You'll have to head on over to his DeviantArt page and contact him if you'd like to one one up for yourself. Just promise not to use it in a geek-themed heist.