Mass Effect 3’s N7 Armor Comes to Dead Space 3

If you own Mass Effect 3, you’ll get Shepard’s armor in Dead Space 3.

Electronic Arts and Visceral Games have posted a new gameplay video revealing the presence of Mass Effect’s iconic N7 armor in their upcoming game, Dead Space 3.

The N7 armor is a signature piece of equipment worn by Commander Shepard, the protagonist of the Mass Effect series of games. The games were developed by BioWare and, like Dead Space, were also published by EA Games.

The video shows the hero of Dead Space, Isaac Clarke, exiting a gear terminal with the new suit on, and the following scenes depict him taking on multiple Necromorphs, Mass Effect style. The suit appears to be fully developed in the aesthetic of Dead Space and features a lined helmet iconic to the game, in theme with every other piece of gear.

Interestingly, both Isaac and his partner Carver can don the armor.

Dead Space 3 is not the only game to feature a crossover from Mass Effect, as last year’s Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning also offered a Mass Effect-themed armor set for owners of Mass Effect 3. Likewise, Dragon Age 2 offered a set of armor based on Isaac Clarke’s gear in Dead Space 2.

All you need to do acquire the armor once the game comes out is to be a preexisting owner of Mass Effect 3. Origin will handle the rest.