Black Ops 2 Time Stop Hack Turns Cheaters Into Neo from The Matrix

Cheaters can become as Neo was in The Matrix by stopping time during the game.


There's a new cheat going around in Black Ops 2, and it's the ability to stop time and kill your opponents while they're frozen. If it sounds ridiculous, that's because it kind of is—and it provides the cheater with an enormous advantage that no amount of skill could possibly surpass. The cheater is essentially Neo in the Matrix—or to draw from an example closer to home: Max Payne.

Players who've seen the cheat in action have deduced that it's a lag switch that the player can enable at any point in time, perform his kill, and resume the game immediately thereafter. Those who've experienced these games describe them as laggy (via reddit).

When viewed in Black Ops 2's Theater Mode, the cheater appears to be moving fine while every other non-cheating player in the game appears to be affected by the lag and stuck in place while the cheater performs his kills repeatedly.

One such player affected by the lag cheat posted a video on YouTube, capturing the cheater in action. See it below:

If it wasn't a cheat, it'd be almost too cool for a videogame.