Simple Game Mod Allows You To Disable Cel Shading On Borderlands 2

What is Borderlands without its signature look? Find out.

Borderlands 2 is undeniably defined by its aesthetic, a cel shading we've all come to feel is a part of the series as much as looting or Moxxi's boobs. But what would it look like without it? With this simple game tweak from Steam user Melchio, you can remove those thick black lines and add cinematic lighting, creating an entire new visual experience.

If you're curious and want to see what Borderlands 2 plays like without its signature look, take these simple following steps:

1. Go to Documents > My Games > Borderlands2 > WillowGame > Config > WillowEngine

2. Press CTRL + F and find the string of code WillowScenePostProcess

3. Replace with CinematicScenePostProcess

4. Save, and exit.

As you can see from the before (top) and after photos, the lighting is the most dramatic change; I took these screen shots in Hunter's Grotto in the new Sir Hammerlock DLC and was astounded by the difference. I also got quite a performance boost in the form of an improved frame rate. As for the cel shading note the tree on the far right:

(Full sizes here and here).

These photos were taken with most settings maxed out, FXAA turned on, and anisotropic filtering up to 16x.