DmC Alternate Costumes Allow You To Look Like Classic Dante

You can dress up like Classic Dante in the new DmC.

The new DmC from Ninja Theory features an all new Dante who sports black instead of white hair. If you're displeased with the way he looks, you have the option to unlock alternative outfits which you can use to play as instead of the regular Dante.

The videos are all courtesy of ve3tro.

There's a decent alternative in the form of Classic Dante if you prefer the old school design instead of the new one, though Dante will still make the joke about never looking like that in a million years within the first ten minutes of the game, regardless of how you're dressed.

In addition to Classic Dante, you can dress up as "Dark Dante", who appears short haired like the new one, but wears white hair and darker clothing.

One of the costumes is Neo Dante, who has blonde hair and a black and red skin suit that emphasizes the character's acrobatic abilities over style.

The game is currently available on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It's out next week on the PC. If you preorder it on Steam, you'll gain access to some of these unique skins.