Watch Metal Slug Remade in ‘Black Ops 2’

Metal Slug has been remade in Black Ops 2.

There’s much you can do in Black Ops 2 that comes with the game right out of the box. With a variety of competitive online modes, a campaign, and a zombie mode for co-op play, the game has plenty to offer.

That said, it’s not really possible to make the game something it isn’t, which is to turn it into a game from another genre entirely—unless you’ve an extreme amount of time and the willingness to be creative. With that in mind, Youtuber byViruzz put together a video of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 in which he turned the game (albeit with the help of video editing skills) into something akin to Metal Slug.

He calls the video “Metal Slug en Black Ops 2”, and describes his project as a labor of love for his viewers on YouTube. He says that the video took dozens of hours to complete on the PC. From the looks of it, it’d be fantastic if someone actually modded this into the game.

The video was produced with the help of his friends, who portrayed the roles of the various enemy soldiers killed by the main character. Interestingly enough, they run out of parts of the map and walk along a two dimensional axis to create the impression of a 2D game like Metal Slug.