Tetris Jenga And Tetris Bop It Coming Later This Year

One makes total sense, while the other, not so much.

One popular trend in recent years has been video games being reinterpreted as physical games. One very popular example is Donkey Kong Jenga.

Though many wondered about the idea of Jenga, which is a game in which one must skillfully move blocks around, could ever be adapted to resemble a popular video game that could be described in the same manner.

Well, it's finally happening: Polygon reports that Hasbro and The Tetris Company have announced Tetris Jenga for later this fall.

According  Jonathan Berkowitz, Hasbro Gaming's vice president of marketing:

"We're looking forward to offering consumers innovative face-to-face gaming experiences that let them stack and match the Tetris shapes like never before."

How will it work? Pretty much as one might have guessed: it's the same exact game as before, except all the blocks are shaped like tetrominoes.

Both aforementioned parties also revealed Tetris Bop It as well. That one, unlike Tetris Jenga, doesn't appear to make much sense, at least immediately.

Polygon also explains that it will challenge player to match Tetris block-shaped lights that gradually increase the speed in which commands are issued. That makes sense, we suppose.