Metro: Last Light PC Pulled from GameStop Impulse

GameStop doesn’t trust THQ’s stability

Up till today you could purchase the upcoming post-apocalyptic game Metro: Last Light on pre-order at GameStop's website. The PC download has been pulled due to fears over THQ's obvious instability.

"Essentially, due to THQ's current financial situation and uncertainty of delivery, in order to protect our consumers we removed the ability to pre-purchase that specific game," GameStop VP of PR Matt Hodges said.

THQ declared bankruptcy not long ago, and has an auction scheduled for January 22. Though its studios and IPs will be for sale, as far as we have been told by THQ, game development has somehow not been interrupted. It is unknown if GameStop has heard otherwise or if they are merely taking precautions to protect themselves.

Fans who have already bought the game through GameStop Impulse can get a refund by calling GameStop customer service. Yet, the physical copies of the game for all consoles and PC still are available for preorder through GameStop's website. It is unknown if GameStop will stop selling these pre-orders as well. The future of THQ and its properties—even an almost finished game like Metro: Last Light remain ambiguous at this time.

Source: GameSpot