Rumor: Sony Getting Rid of DualShock Controller for PS4

The classic controller…gone?

Above: A rough fan-concept of the PS4 controller, not official

The PlayStation console has held its own since its creation. Besides its huge library of games and always forward-thinking graphics, there is no doubt its extremely comfortable and usable DualShock controller has been a part of its success. But with the PlayStation 4, codenamed Orbis, CVG has heard that Sony is looking to move away from its classic controller.

According to a "senior games studio source" working on an upcoming Sony game, the new controller has been through many changes. We're hearing stories of biometric sensors on the grips and a LCD touch screen–which shouldn't be unexpected what with the Wii U's gamepad. It is also suspected that the old wireless DualShock controllers for the PS3 might be compatible with the PS4, akin to Wii Remotes with the Wii U.

But other sources say engineers at Sony's R&D department are looking to the PS Vita for inspiration. Could we be using Vita's to play the PlayStation 4? Only time will tell.

CVG also strongly believes that the new console will be revealed in weeks, not months. They may have hit the nail on the head, since Sony has declined to comment on any of the rumors.

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