Valve Wants To Talk VR At GDC

The house that Gordon Freeman is apparently very serious about virtual reality.

Yesterday we mentioned Bungie's upcoming panel at this year's Game Developer's Conference, where they will dig deep into their new IP, Destiny.

Well, as noted, it's a place in which many game industry movers and shakers gather, and joining them will be Valve. And what will they be talking about? Virtual reality. And not just once, but twice.

Destructoid explains that Valve programmer Joe Ludwig's What We Learned Porting Team Fortress 2 to Virtual Reality will detail the efforts his team undertook to get Team Fortress to run on VR headsets, which will include both technical aspects and necessarily gameplay tweaks.

Meanwhile, Michael Abrash’s Why Virtual Reality is Hard (And Where it Might be Going) will explore hardware challenges as whole, as well as possible solutions, in his talk. 

Again, GDC is where game makers talk shop, so these two topics might not be as exciting (or accessible) as the new hot thing from the makers of Halo. Still, given how Valve has been at the forefront of pushing the PC gaming envelope, and how VR is finally being done right, thanks to the Oculus Rift, which Destructoid also points out, Valve's presentations are sure to be quite impactful nonetheless.