Nintendo Direct: Classic Arcade Games Are Making a Triumphant Comeback

Arcade Archives isn’t Virtual Console, but it’s still a blast from the past.

Much like the arcade classics of yesteryear, September’s Nintendo Direct has come and gone—but not without a very special announcement.

Further cementing the retro renaissance, Nintendo is re-launching titles like arcade pioneer Mario Bros. It’s clear they embrace a much more co-operative gameplay style; the artistic minutiae are preserved, but this time, players will be able to share Joy-Cons and control Mario and Luigi individually as they ledge-hop their way to the top.

Many other classics have been reinvented in a similar ‘versus’ configuration:

  • VS. Clu Clu Land
  • VS. Super Mario Bros.
  • VS. Pinball
  • Punch-Out!!
  • VS. Balloon Fight

Release frame:

  • Mario Bros. will be available from September 27

Take note, the Arcade Archives program focuses specifically on the arcade versions of popular Nintendo games and not the NES versions. To date, Nintendo hasn’t ushered in the Virtual Console program for Nintendo Switch, but rumours suggest that a trophy system may be in the works.

The latest Nintendo Switch update added online play in several countries in South America plus some general stability improvements.

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