Ubisoft Lifts The Lid On Cosmic Shooter Atomega

Supersized. Super-powered. Super cool.

From the studio that brought us Grow Home and Grow Up comes a new breed of stellar, cuboid style FPS that’s set at the end of time. ATOMEGA is a surprise announcement, and perhaps more excitingly for anyone who’s keen to explore its fast-paced cybernetic worlds, it’s launching next week.

Players assume the identities of ‘Exoforms’, purple coloured entities who acquire mass to evolve into increasingly larger beings; it’s a bit like an alternate reality where tetrominoes went rogue and started fighting one another instead of falling into place. In actual fact, the Exoforms are post-biological creatures composed of matter and energy, neither man nor machine, and they’re stuck in an arena on the brink of destruction, battling for dominance.

You can compete with eight other players, collect hacks for temporary ability boosts, and evolve into and sustain the coveted OMEGA form to wreak havoc across the colossal playing field.

ATOMEGA releases for PC on September 19. Interested folks can put it on their Steam wishlist today.