eSports Life Lets You Become A Pro Gamer

Power to the players.

Ever wondered what it takes to become a professional gamer? What it’s like to compete with the elite? eSports Life is a simulation that lets you vicariously experience the highs and lows of pro gaming stardom. The power. The passion. The danger.

You start off as an amateur, gradually working your way up the ranks of excellence in FPS and MOBA domains. At the very least, it’s a good training ground if you’ve been curious about diving into the professional world of COD or League of Legends. Following an RPG-lite framework, eSports Life challenges you with juggling the demands of of academia, pro-gaming, and having a decent social life.

Developer U-Play Online says eSports Online is its “most ambitious project” to date, and aims to aims to “capture the thrill of competitive gaming”.

Put eSports Life on your Steam (PC, Mac) wishlist today before it arrives this Fall.